Executive/Highlighted Searches (as of 4/9/19)

Bryn Mawr College

Associate Dean for Equity, Inclusion and Community Life

Dickinson College

Franklin & Marshall College

Provost and Dean of the Faculty [Storbeck Pimentel]

Gettysburg College

Haverford College

Juniata College

Director of Study Abroad

Lafayette College

Founding Director, Hansen Center for Inclusive STEM Education

Muhlenberg College

Swarthmore College

Vice President and Dean of Students [Issacson, Miller]

Ursinus College

Washington & Jefferson College

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College [Academic Search] (In an advanced stage as of 4/1/19)

Vice President for Business and Finance [Spelman Johnson] (in an advanced stage as of 4/9/19)

Faculty/Staff Employment Pages

Bryn Mawr College: Faculty Staff

Dickinson College: Faculty Staff

Franklin & Marshall College: Faculty | Staff

Gettysburg College: Faculty | Staff

Haverford College

Juniata College