What is the purpose of the PCLA Opportunity Grant?

The purpose of the Opportunity Grant is to give PCLA Cohorts, and other interested groups from the consortium, an opportunity to get seed money for promising activities and programs that address one, or more, of the follow principles:

  • Cost savings
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Growing consortial and institutional visibility
  • Addressing issues and concerns that would benefit from group activity
  • Advancing the "Liberal Arts" model nationally
  • Fostering intellectual discussion across consortium campuses
  • Increasing operational efficiencies

Ultimately, your proposal for a PCLA Opportunity Grant needs to show a willingness to use the power of collaboration to fulfill both your goals and the mission of the PCLA. The PCLA facilitates and leads collaboration among and within campuses on a variety of initiatives including, but not limited to: 

  • Promoting improvement of academic offerings
  • Offering joint faculty development activities and opportunities
  • Managing compliance and risk
  • Sharing administrative services
  • Collaborating on study abroad
  • Sharing library resources
  • Enhancing the disparate and diverse cultures of our institutions

Who may apply?

Proposals must be submitted with at least one co-facilitator (principal investigator) from at least two different PCLA member campuses; greater participation from a greater number of campuses will be looked upon favorably. Institutions may be represented on multiple proposals, but we strongly encourage that a given co-facilitator only be a part of one proposal per proposal round. Preference will be given to established PCLA cohorts, or groupings of PCLA staff and/or faculty that have attended a PCLA conference/workshop. Institutions from outside the PCLA membership may be involved in the activities of an Opportunity Grant, but PCLA funds cannot be directly disbursed beyond the PCLA membership.

What is the grant amount?

The cap for individual grants for the Fall Round of 2017 is set at $10,000. Please be in touch with the staff of the PCLA with any questions related to available funding.

How do we apply?

Before submitting an application, please review a pdf of the application here. Completed applications should be submitted here.

When would we find out our award status?

Fall submissions will be informed of decisions in late January. Spring submissions will be informed of decisions in late June.

For those looking for information about the ongoing TLI Opportunity Grant, please visit their page here.