Through the generosity of the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, the PCLA has been awarded funding to support improving high-impact teaching and learning through faculty sharing of effective practices and building a community of practitioner-researchers across the consortium’s campuses.

What is the purpose of the AVD Teaching and Learning Award?

The next round of PCLA /Arthur Vining Davis Teaching and Learning Awards will be given to PCLA teams for the 2019 calendar year.  Strong preference will be given to proposals that include more than one PCLA campus offering fresh ideas, and new chief facilitators.

Applicants from PCLA campuses (Bryn Mawr, Dickinson, Franklin & Marshall, Gettysburg, Haverford, Juniata, Lafayette, Muhlenberg, Swarthmore, Ursinus, and Washington & Jefferson Colleges) are invited to propose projects for funding that address improvement of teaching and learning through student engagement. By working across PCLA campuses with faculty, students, and staff, project participants will be able to provide robust, researched solutions to common challenges in classrooms and curricula.

What might a successful application include?

  • A research based approach to solving a teaching and learning problem.

  • Student input and involvement in all aspects of the project.

  • If including PCLA partners, full participation and collaboration by two or more PCLA member institutions.

  • A plan for generative sustainability that provides the opportunity to gain from what is learned.

  • An assessment/evaluation plan that provides meaningful feedback on the project.

  • A clear, balanced budget that is focused on outcomes with a narrative description.

What is the grant amount?

One year proposals for up to $5,000 for one campus or $15,000 for multiple campuses will be considered. 

What are the expected commitments?

Successful applicants will commit to ongoing training, networking, and reporting throughout the grant period. Commitments for 2019 awardees are yet to be determined.

2017 awardees will have their showcase of findings at Franklin & Marshall College on Saturday, September 29th 2018. Those interested in funding for 2019 are encouraged to attend and may purchase a ticket here.

How do we apply?

We strongly encourage any interested party to review the pdf of the application to review the questions, and character limits where indicated. We further encourage that you type out your responses in a separate document before submitting an application. 

Once you, and your chief facilitator(s) if applicable, are ready, you may submit an application here. The due date is Monday, November 19th 2018 at 4:30pm. Parties interested in submitting a proposal after November 19th should be in touch with the implementation manager ASAP!

When would we find out our award status?

Notification of award status for 2019 awardees is projected to take place in late November/early December of 2018.