Robert Diggs | Implementation Manager |

Board of Presidents

Kimberly W. Cassidy, PhD | President of Bryn Mawr College***

Margee Ensign, PhD | President of Dickinson College

Barbara K. Altmann, PhD | President of Franklin & Marshall College

Robert W. Iuliano, JD | President of Gettysburg College

Wendy E. Raymond, PhD | President of Haverford College

James A. Troha, PhD | President of Juniata College**

Alison R. Byerly, PhD | President of Lafayette College*

Kathleen E. Harring, PhD | Interim President of Muhlenberg College

Valerie Smith, PhD | President of Swarthmore College

S. Brock Blomberg, PhD | President of Ursinus College*

John Knapp, PhD | President of Washington & Jefferson College 


*** = Board Chair | ** = Board Vice-Chair | * = Executive Committee Member